A Wind Resistant Greenhouse During Winter Weather

Although hurricanes and uncontrollable storms are unlikely in the UK, we do seem to have received our fare share of windy weather this winter! High winds and stormy weather can leave behind a trail of unwanted damage, broken pots and fallen fences if we are not prepared for such climate changes.

However, there are a number of things you can do to minimize the chances of damage to your outdoor living environment, and help to create a Wind Resistant Greenhouse or Polytunnel during those cold wintery months.

Your Choice of Greenhouse

One of the main problems with windy weather and a garden greenhouse is that the ever-changing weather can cause the glass to smash… causing an unsafe garden as well as unwanted shards of glass amongst your crops! If windows or vents are left open, the wind is able to get into the greenhouse and the pressure can cause a pane of glass to be removed from the structure. If you have a glass greenhouse, ensure that the base is sturdy, square and level, with no gaps in-between the fittings. In addition, be sure to check there are no cracks in the glass itself and heavy or large gardening items are not left too near to the construction, which could cause damage if they were to fall suddenly.

To remove the risk of any smashing glass completely, Keder Greenhouse provide a durable alternative to a traditional glass house. Our complete selection of Keder Greenhouses are made from a plastic air bubble sandwich material, which has been specifically designed to withstand high winds and heavy snow, along with good insulation and light transparency. By ensuring your wind resistant greenhouse cladding and materials are suitable for a variety of weather conditions, you can be sure that your budding crops are in safe hands all year round!

Firm Foundations

Once you have decided on the specific type of greenhouse you would like to introduce to your garden or workplace, it is then time to decide where to place it. Ensure that you have a steady, strong base for your new greenhouse construction. You should also consider planting hedges or positioning fences as protection from the winds in the future.

In the case of a Keder Greenhouse , a level, flat area of grass or soil would be ideal. Our greenhouses can also face in any direction, due to the light diffusing properties of the cladding. If you are unsure on an appropriate position, your greenhouse supplier can provide guidance and support, based on your location and grounds. Please feel free to contact us with your requirements, and we would be happy to propose design and construction ideas tailored to you.

Close the Crops inside

Before windy weather, close all windows and doors of the greenhouse, and ensure they will stay closed for the duration. If you have a sliding door with no catch to keep the greenhouse secure, you could insert a padlock or your own unique mechanism to make sure the wind will not cause the door to swing or slide open.

Wind Checks

After heavy winds or stormy weather, cheeck the construction for any damage or breakages (be sure to wait until the strong weather has passed). These findings will be very unlikely in a Keder greenhouse, but glass houses or tradtional poly tunnels may present some lose fixtures or breakages, which will weaken the overall build. Be sure to check the complete greenhouse design and make sure there are no rips, tears or breaks. This will also give you reassurance for the next windy spell, so you call always feel prepared!

A Greenhouse As Safe As Houses

Longevity, durability and reliability are at the forefront of all of Keder products. A recent Keder customer has suggested the name of “Hercules”, for our greenhouses due to the unrivaled strength they can provide:

“I started off with a conventional Polytunnel, but, after changing four covers in five years, in 2008 I replaced it by building Keder houses. Last week the wind exceeded 100mph, causing widespread damage to more than 500 structures in the Islands. The Keder Greenhouses withstood the hurricane without any damage whatsoever! A tribute to design, materials and quality construction carried out by Colin and his team. With a Keder, you are as safe as houses – probaby safer!”

Murdo MacKenzie, South Uist, Outer Hebrides.

Please see our case studies for Murdo’s full story

If you are looking for a Wind Resistant Greenhouse design, Keder Greenhouse provide the perfect solution. Through the use of highly versatile, top quality material, our Wind Resistant Greenhouse structures are assembled to withstand the highest of winds. To take a look at our range of Case Studies, please click here.

For further information on the construction of a Wind Resistant Greenhouse from Keder, for both Commercial and Domestic use, please contact a member of our friendly team today: 01386 49094 or email us here. 

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