Whatever your interest in gardening, wherever you live in the UK, whatever you are growing and your space availability, Keder have the proven best value for money greenhouse solution, enabling you to create the ideal environment for your crops and plants.

Due to its unique light and energy properties, a Keder Greenhouse significantly outperforms all other greenhouses and polytunnels. Its light and thermal property values are considerably better than glass, polycarbonate and single skin poly sheeting providing a warmer, better insulated and easier to manage greenhouses. With outstanding light, diffusion and transparency values the superior Keder Cladding ensures even distribution of light throughout the greenhouse eliminating the problem of direct sunlight burning and scorching plants and crops.

For over 25 years gardeners of all horticultural interests, hobbyists, amateurs, small holders and professional growers have all reaped the benefited from a Keder Greenhouse. Not only will crops be healthier, yields higher and quality will be enhanced.

From the Atlantic coast of the Outer Hebrides to inner city gardens, a Keder Greenhouse is the very best, strongest, most durable and safest growing environment. Withstanding the harshest and most extreme weather across the UK (wind, rain, hail and snow) as a Keder Greenhouse has been extensively site tested in the Outer Hebrides, Shetland and Orkney. Where wind speeds often exceed 90mph, gusting to 140mph+. You won’t have to worry anymore when storms and high winds are forecast.

As a strong family business, where the customer always comes first, Keder ‘go the extra mile’ to support local and regional businesses where ever possible. It make so much sense and is the right thing to do, especially in the current climate.

Our manufacturing facility in rural Worcestershire, enables us to design, engineer and manufacture the best and strongest greenhouses/polytunnels available in the UK.

  • High quality steel from British steel mills
  • Wood from highly sustainable, FSC approved UK sources
  • Local employees and contractors

With our background as Commercial Growers, we utilised this extensive knowledge and experience in the original design and engineering of Keder Greenhouses over 30 years ago. We understanding the important factors of growing under cover, extending the seasons and getting the most out of the environments to improve quality and yield crops and plants for of all types of growers and horticulturists.

So adapting and evolving the principle from the commercial growing sector, our domestic greenhouse self assembly kits always out perform all other growing structures. Compared to alternatives, over a 10 to 15 year period, a Keder Greenhouse is a far better financial investment.

Our range caters for all types of gardeners, growers and horticulturists:

Any length is available in all of the ranges, in 2m multiples, and we have done some of the range up to 100m long. Out most popular length withing the Gardener range is 6m and 8m long.

There is also a range of options and accessories available to customise your Keder Greenhouse, to suite your own requirements.

Buy the best. Buy Keder.

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