When you first get a greenhouse it’s an exciting time and you will know doubt equip it with everything you need to sow and grow crops. But what happens when the initial excitement wares off or when the colder months set in? It would be easy to neglect your greenhouse, right?

Well, if you keep your greenhouse in order all year round then you will be more fruitful with your rewards from your hard work. Read on to see how to keep your greenhouse in order with our simple to follow tips.

Clear View

Keep your greenhouse cover clear from webs, debris and dirt to ensure your greenhouse will get sufficient light and heat. Use a simple hand brush or damp cloth to wipe away anything obstructing light getting through the greenhouse cover.

Summer ‘Spring’ Clean

Pick a dry and sunny day to completely empty your greenhouse and give it a good spring clean. Use towels and sheets to spread out herbs to dry whilst you clean your greenhouse.

Space Out

Let’s start with the space that you need to move around in your greenhouse. Be sure to keep the floor and path leading up to and inside your greenhouse clear. The last thing you want is trip hazards.

If you have excess soil and debris from leaves fall on to the floor then keep a long floor brush to hand to keep it regularly swept up and clean. Next, consider the space between your plants. Vegetation needs rooms to grow. So, if you notice adjacent plant leaves touching then considering spacing them out further.

Temperature Check

Be sure to keep a working thermometer hanging in your greenhouse. You will be able to monitor the temperature and ventilate your greenhouse by opening the windows or doors if it gets too hot for delicate plants.

Creature Watch

Many of the creatures you will find in your greenhouse are simply going through their life cycle and are not really interested in your plants. If you do find a plant infested, then remove it and rinse off the bugs. Keep it isolated and watch it carefully before introducing it back into the space with other plants to avoid contamination.

Remember, a greenhouse is not a sterile habitat so it will never been 100% pest free. You could perhaps consider companion planting in your greenhouse. Companion planting is all about creating plant communities which have mutual benefits to each other; this can be an organic way to protect your crops from pests , or it could help to improve pollination of fruit and vegetable crops.

Water Harvest

Remember, to avoid watering plants in the middle of the day especially in the warmer months to avoid scorching the leaves.

Weed Out

Don’t let your seedlings fight against weeds in the soil. Be sure to weed out any weeds regularly to avoid nutrients and water being soaked up by the weeds instead of your seedlings. So, how will you be keeping your Keder Greenhouse in order this May? Share your tips and photos with us on social media.

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