Growing Your Own Food, Right On Your Doorstep

Growing your own food, such as organic fruit and vegetables, may seem very overwhelming to some, but it does not have to be a strenuous or difficult task. More and more people are beginning to cut down on the tried and tested methods of buying from the supermarket, and instead pondering on the idea that harvesting their own crops would be more gratifying and fulfilling.

Whether you have a small, medium or large garden, the simple installation of a bespoke greenhouse design can provide the possibility of growing your own food, or ‘doing the good life’, as it is more commonly known. From the smallest planters, to a large-scale vegetable patch, cultivating your own crops is a great project to take on, which will reap many rewards.

If you are looking into becoming accustomed to the green-fingered lifestyle, we have devised some of the main benefits.

Numerous Health Benefits

Homegrown fruit and vegetables are simply the freshest that you will find. Besides the health benefits that you will encounter through various trips out in the fresh air, harvesting, planting, weeding and digging, your own fruit and veg will be far fresher and healthier to eat. Since it has not had to travel very far (depending on the size of your garden, of course!) you are much more likely to consume your fruit and veg within hours of digging it up, therefore containing more nutrients than you would typically find in your shop-bought produce.

Cost Efficiency

Produce bought from the store can be very expensive. We are all well aware that regular trips to and from the supermarket can quickly rack up your spending habits and, not to mention, expenditure on petrol. Growing your own food from you back garden will greatly reduce your grocery bill, as well as obtaining the satisfaction that comes from preparing your very own food.

Environmental Impact

Along with the health and cost benefits for yourself, growing your own fruit and vegetables at your own property also helps the welfare of the environment. Growing food organically, without the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, reduces the harm for both the environment and local eco-systems, sparing the earth unnecessary further pollution. In addition, you may also reduce the unavoidable pollution that derives from the transportation of fresh goods from various areas of the world, to your supermarket.

Enjoy great-tasting food

Perhaps one of the most significant benefits of growing your own food is the taste. Fresh food is tasty food! How long have the items in the supermarket been out on the shelf? How long do you think it has had to travel from another part of the world to get to the supermarket and finally make it’s way to your plate? Fresh fruit and vegetables, that you have nurtured from the ground and prepared to eat, is undoubtedly much tastier!

Here a couple of our happy Keder Greenhouse growers, who have enjoyed the benefits of growing their own.

Despite the health and environmental benefits, it is certainly a great feeling to watch your groceries blossom under your care and ensure you get the nutrients you need from your fresh food. Greenhouses and Polytunnels are essential if you wish to grow the very best crops. In providing high quality and much-needed protection, Keder Greenhouses make the perfect growing environment for your fruit and vegetables, all year round! So, you can rest assured that produce will still be taken care of, even when growing season is over.

Take a look at our Enthusiastic Gardener Case Studies and Commercial Grower Case Studies for some inspiring previous projects that have taken place with our Keder Greenhouses.

Keder Greenhouse are specialist suppliers of top quality greenhouses, using unique structures and materials, to ensure a long-lasting and ultra durable growing environment. For further information on growing your own food, for both commercial and domestic use, please contact a member of our professional team on: 01386 49094 or email us here.