You might have started out as someone who enjoyed pottering in the garden which soon turned you into a green fingered fan but are you now a greenhouse fanatic? Let’s find out! Here are some tongue-in-cheek signs that you are indeed a greenhouse fanatic…

You look radishing!

Whether you’re texting friends, talking to the family or trying to craft a serious work email you can’t help but slip in some green thumb humour.

Gnome pun intended of course!

So many weeds so little thyme!

Lettuce turnip the beet!

Well, you get the idea. Your love of growing and greenhouse antics starts to consume your every thought.

Come sun, rain or snow you love the outdoors

No matter the weather you will always find an excuse to nip out into the greenhouse. There are seedlings that can be potted all year round so really you have a legitimate reason for donning the wellingtons to splash through the puddles or tread through the snow to enter your sanctuary that is your greenhouse.

There’s no room for Birthday dates on your calendar

Gardening is all in the detail and planning and if you don’t have a dedicated gardening planner or calendar I can guarantee the family planner is stacked full of dates for seeding and harvesting.

Adventurous spirit

If you’ve progressed from pottering to becoming a greenhouse owner then you will have no doubt started with tomato plants and perhaps a herb or two. But what’s next? You’re adventurous spirit will start to come out and you’ll be hooked on trying to grow different produce that you have never tried before.


As you wait patiently for seedlings to grow between seasons you will eventually have time on your hands and your green fingers will be itching to get stuck into some dirt again. That’s why it’s no surprise that greenhouse owners have beautiful gardens. They start with the produce seed planting and soon develop a love for all things outdoors and start to fill their gardens with beautiful flower arrangements.

Your seedlings become part of the family

I’m not saying they will be featured in the family photo album but I bet they will appear on a Facebook post or two. And how many of you can admit that you’ve referred to your seedlings as your babies. How many babies sprouted today? I bet you could give me a number!

Shopping habits

You cannot enter a shop that sells some form of gardening ware without taking a long slow stroll down the aisles. From inspecting the seed packets to looking at the shiny new tools and trying to justify your latest purchase to your partner; your greenhouse fascination has truly taken over your life.

So, how many of these signs are familiar to you? Are you a fanatic greenhouse owner? Share your best gardening pun with Keder Greenhouse on social media. If you would like more information about Keder Greenhouses get in touch for more details.

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