Spring is one of the trickiest months for keen gardeners – to sow or not to sow, that is the question! The sun is shining bright, but have the early morning frosts really disappeared? And will the temperatures be high enough to allow seeds to germinate?

You’re probably eager to break open the seed packets and if you have a greenhouse then this is exactly the right time to start sowing certain produce and plants. So grab the gloves, trowl and soil because it’s time to get sowing.


If you love lining your garden, path and porch way with tall sunflowers in the early summer months then now is the right time to pot the sunflower seeds inside your greenhouse. This is great activity to get young children involved in too. Get your children or grandchildren round for a weekend and introduce them to some outdoor gardening fun. You’ll be able to enjoy watching the seed sprout and grow into a glorious sunflower together.


Add some flavour to your summer BBQ’s by planting the seeds for your favourite herbs now. April is the perfect time to plant basil inside a greenhouse and then bring your pot indoors during the summer to protect it from drying out in the sun.

Recipe tip: Use your home grown basil leaves with tomato and mozzarella for a delicious pizza, salad or sandwich filling.

Fast growing produce

There are a number of produce items that are ideal to plant during April as they grow fast. Produce including cucumbers, courgettes and sweetcorn will sprout quickly and give you plenty of flavour to pack into those late spring salads.

Recipe tip: Cucumbers and courgettes also make great ingredients in juices. Try adding them with pineapple and apply for a sweet and healthy drink.

Peppers and tomatoes

In early spring, you can start to seed peppers and tomatoes in heated greenhouses or purchase ready-grown peppers and tomatoes to introduce in unheated greenhouses in mid-spring.

Recipe tip: If you find you have an abundance of peppers and tomatoes then consider cooking up a batch of soup and freezing the soups for later.


It’s the start of strawberry season so you might be able to harvest some strawberries depending on your crop. They’ll hopefully taste delicious and juicy too.

There’s more…

There are many other produce items you will be able to sow this season but we’ve just hand-picked a few that will get you started in your greenhouse.

Remember to do some prep work before you start sowing; make sure you tidy up your greenhouse and maximise the space available for pots and grow bags.

You could also esure you have a working thermometer in your greenhouse. Even though spring can be mild, it can also be hot during certain times, so regulate the temperature of your greenhouse by opening the door during the daytime to keep the tender produce from fading.

We would love to see your spring sowing work, so please feel free to share a photo on social media and be sure to tag Keder Greenhouse. For further information on our comprehensive range of all-year-round Keder Greenhouses, please contact us today.