Top Greenhouse Tips For Taking Care of Your Keder

Growing your own crops in a greenhouse can be a gardeners dream come true. Whilst many traditional greenhouses run the risk of damage and high maintenance, the opposite is true for a Keder Greenhouse. We have outlined a few top greenhouse tips on how to maintain optimum living conditions within your Keder Greenhouses, to help your plants thrive.

A Simple Clean

Very little maintenance is required to keep your Keder Greenhouse in tip top condition, due to the unique quality of the overall frame and cladding. However, if the cladding appears to be suffering with discolouration from falling leaves etc. there is a quick and easy solution. A rinse and a quick scrub using diluted washing up water will do the trick!

Bubble Care

If you have encountered slight damages to any of the Keder Burls (bubbles), our simple Greenhouse Tips offer an efficient solution. The method of repair is to split the cell open on one side, clean the cell out with diluted washing up liquid, dry thoroughly, then fill the cell with clear bathroom silicone gel. Hey presto! The greenhouse will no longer have any holes or damage, caused by falling objects, sharp items or outdoor accidents!

Staging Solution

If you find your staging rubbing on the inside of the Keder cladding, just cushion the corner that is rubbing, using an off cut Keder. If you do not have any spare material for this coverage, not to worry, contact us at the office and we can send some out to you straight away!

Creating Space

Are you running out of space inside your greenhouse? Or, have your growing requirements increased recently and you need a little more space? Maximise your space by ensuring you utilise all valuable plant and plot areas. Remove all tools, watering cans and extra outdoor items and store them using butcher hooks, which can then be hung from the greenhouse frame.

Remove the Weeds

By digging flaps into the ground around your greenhouse, you should find that weeds will no longer invade your greenhouse so quickly (this is a great draft excluding method, too!) Also, be sure to trim the grass or plants surrounding your greenhouse regularly. This will delay the roots creeping into the greenhouse and exploiting your growing area, just be careful when using a strimmer near the cladding.

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