After Care of Your Keder Greenhouse.

Keder Greenhouses are designed to be very low maintenance and give years of problem free enjoyment. However to get the very best from our products we can recommend the following for our 2m and 3m wide Gardener Range of greenhouses

  • Wash the greenhouse as you see any build-up of dirt / algae typically once every 18 months inside and outside, (perhaps more if it has been positioned under or near trees). A weak dilution of washing up liquid. 1 part liquid to 1000 parts warm water, (approx. 1 thimbleful per standard bucket of warm water) and use a soft brush.
  • Repaint the wood with a water based, weatherproof wood stain (check compatible with plastic), once every 5 plus years, depending on your location, costal locations may require more frequent treatment.
  • Check the greenhouse wood for any signs of breakdown, once every 5 years.
  • If you experience any particularly violent storms it will be worth checking all the bolts and screws are still tightly fastened.
  • Apply suitable lubricant to any hinges, annually and any parts showing signs of rust (this will form a barrier to slow rust developing further).
  • Check all vent fixings / self tapping screws are tight on the vent, and that there is no wax on the floor by the vent (note wax on floor would indicate vent failing) annually.

We hope you are enjoying your Keder Greenhouse.