Growing sustainable and seasonal flowers for every occasion in a Keder Greenhouse.

Mandy is an avid gardener and florist who set up Meadowbrook Flowers at her home in rural Worcestershire.

She grows sustainable and seasonal British flowers, creating wild and natural arrangements. She provides flowers for all occasions, from wedding bouquets to wreaths.

The 2m x 4m Keder greenhouse is Mandy’s first greenhouse, purchased for her by her husband to help with her passion for growing, and her business.

The first consideration for Mandy was safety. The house is by a busy road and she is fortunate to have grandchildren who regularly come to visit and play. The durability and safety of the Keder cladding was important as glass was not a suitable option and a standard polytunnel was not durable or long lasting enough for her needs.

Mandy also places great importance on environmental impact and wanted a solution that would fit in with her eco-friendly credentials. “The insulation value was important, as the greenhouse does not need heating in the Winter” she said, adding that “the light diffused by the cladding means I don’t need shading and the solar powered roof vent adds peace of mind if it gets hot”.

She mainly uses the greenhouse to grow annuals – hardy ones over winter and half hardy in Spring. She clearly has a passion for what she does, and the Keder has given her some unexpected bonuses when planting.

“The strength of the greenhouse means I can use the steel structure to plant up all my hanging baskets, I am really happy with it.