It’s inevitable that you will come across a creature or two in your greenhouse. Some will just be using your greenhouse as their new home and will be harmless to you and your produce. Others will just be a nuisance and will make you want to ‘bug’ out. At Keder Greenhouse, we wanted to give you some top tips to handle pests, bugs and creepy-crawlies in your greenhouse.

Common greenhouse pests

Most greenhouse fanatics will know that the two most common greenhouse pests are whitefly and aphids.

You might also find sow bugs, mealybugs, scale insects, and red spider mites. Larger greenhouse pests include slugs and snails that hitch a ride under the rim of large pots or in the drain holes of larger pots. Although screened windows can keep out butterflies and moths, you may also find a caterpillar or two feeding on your plants. Lastly, rodents can get into the greenhouse if you are not vigilant with how long you keep the door open.

Isolate new plants

One of the best ways to control pests in your greenhouse is to keep new plants in isolation chambers at first until you are sure they are pest-free. Even if you buy plants from nurseries you can never be too sure what creatures it might be crawling with.

Change your habits

It’s not a nice thought but some bugs will use you to travel around. So if you tend to head into the greenhouse after working in the garden you could be transporting bugs inside. Consider heading into the greenhouse first before you get stuck into the outdoors.

Man’s best friend

If you’ve got a pet dog or perhaps a cat you might be tempted to let them wander into the greenhouse with you for a bit of company. But your beloved pets can also be carriers too. So keep your pets in the garden to keep the pests out your greenhouse.

Double door

If you add an inner screen to your greenhouse door this could prevent wind from blowing in unwanted travellers, namely bugs, pests and creepy-crawlies, into your greenhouse. If you have a large greenhouse you could add an inner door but be sure to close the outer door before stepping fully into the greenhouse. This will involve a change of habit too but worth it in the long run.


Be sure to inspect your plants weekly for presence of insects, disease or damage. The earlier the problem is detected, the earlier the treatment can be started and the smaller the problem will become.

Yellow sticky cards

Just like fly paper, the yellow sticky cards can be hung in your greenhouse to capture any unwanted pests.


There are some safe chemical pesticides you can use but we would recommend you do your homework on the best sprays for your crops to avoid any damage or hazardous produce.

So, what’s the strangest creature you’ve found in your greenhouse? Share your stories with Keder Greenhouse on social media.

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