Some tips on how to fully utilise the growing space in a Keder Greenhouse.

Picture this; you have taken the plunge and now you have a shiny new Keder greenhouse ready to start planting. You would be smiling to yourself at having bought one of the strongest greenhouses on the market but what next? How do you get the very best out of the space you have available? When you are faced with a ‘blank canvas’ we know it can sometimes be difficult to visualise the possibilities and so we thought we would help you out.

Here at our premises in Offenham, we have a number of working greenhouses which we grow in all year round, some over 30 years old and still going strong! Our wonderful team here have been busy coming up with planting ideas to really utilise the available growing space.

Even in our smallest sized greenhouse, the 2m x 2m, it is possible to incorporate raised beds using the space within the width of the door to massively increase your growing area. Using only materials that we have in the yard, we have built these impressive planting beds providing space for enough growing, however ambitious your plans may be. With the rapidly increasing cost of living, together with shortages of our favourite fruit and vegetables, it is no wonder that there has been a rise in the desire to grow our own produce.

Staging can be really useful for sowing and potting your seedlings and our system is constructed with an incredibly strong steel frame (proven to withstand 18 stone, don’t ask for names), and slatted wood shelf. We have two sizes available, 0.50m deep and 0.75m deep and these are sold in 2m sections. It is even possible to have tiered staging in our Smallholder models.

If you are hoping to grow taller plants such as tomatoes and cucumbers, you can include crop rails in your greenhouse. These consist of a steel bar that runs front-to-back, roughly at head height, and allow you to tie up your plants and encourage nice straight stems.

When the weather eventually improves, it will be important to make sure that your greenhouse is properly ventilated to keep humidity levels down. The Domestic range of greenhouses have the option to include automated roof vents. These operate on a wax plug mechanism, meaning you can take time away from the greenhouse without the worry of plants overheating.

Take a look at these pictures of some internal configurations or come and visit us at our site to see how we are using ours. Oh, and don’t forget that we will be at the RHS Malvern Spring Festival from 9 – 12 May 2024 and you can take a look at our Domestic models on display on Stand 342.