A Keder Greenhouse is a great piece of garden infrastructure that serves many horticultural functions and all-year-round activities. Whether a supporting home for potted plants that aren’t quite winter-ready, a summerhouse for crops that need that extra bit of heat, or a sheltered space to start off new seedlings for the upcoming season. For the green-fingered gardener looking to get a head start on growing trends throughout the seasonal changes, there are a variety of plants that can be catered to and cared for all year round.

Late winter to early spring

Late winter and early spring is usually the time where most gardeners will start prepping their outdoor gardens for the post-frost plantings. However, in late winter to early spring, there are a range of sowing activities that can also get your growing season off to an early start.

A number of early risers can be started off in a greenhouse by sowing into seed trays, pots or cells. Try sowing hardy plants, such as shallots, onions, brussell sprouts, cabbage, celeriac, early leak, lettuce and peas. Your greenhouse is the ideal location for starting these vegetables off and then planting them outside in the garden when the warmer weather arrives.


During the middle of spring, it is advised to sow the fast-growing tender plants, including squashes, pumpkins, courgettes, cucumbers, melons, french beans and sweetcorn. Use a greenhouse to start off the tender plants and vegetables, as this will prepare them for planting in their final outdoor locations in your garden, either under glass in late spring or outside in early summer.

In heated greenhouses tomatoes, peppers and other tender plants can be sown early in propagator. Mid spring is also a good time to sow basil, for growing indoors or for moving outdoor in early summer.

Late spring to mid-summer

Late spring to early summer is the ideal time to move greenhouse summer plants and crops and plant them into their final positions outdoors. The middle of summer is the most optimum time that all gardeners looks forward to – this is the beginning of summer crop harvesting. The time to remove spent melon, french bean or cucumber crops, which can then be replaced by later sown plants for further crops to harvest.

Late summer

If space allows, during the late summer months, you can sow lettuces, spicey salad leaces and baby carrots indorrs to make use of the autumn sun and provide late harvests. Now is also the time where you can plant new potatoes ready for Christmas time in heated greenhouses!


When autumn arrives, it is time to remove spent summer crops, but also enjoy many others. Lettuces can be planted into beds or grow bags for harvest over winter. Parsley and french beans can be planted to mature indoors and broad beans and peas can also be sown over winter for planting out in early spring. Likewise, hardy lettuce cultivators and pea shoots can be sown for harvesting indoors in the spring.

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Seasonal Gardening – When and What to Grow all year round