The consultation on reform of the National Curriculum states that pupils from key stages 1 – 3 should be taught ‘to cultivate plants for practical purposes such as for food or for decorative displays’ as a key activity in Design and Technology lessons.

Why stop there?

Horticulture can be encompassed into so many other aspects of the curriculum, and bring many future benefits to our next generation of little green fingered gardeners. Equipping them with skills that will be invaluable to them in the future, not least an understanding that ‘not everything arrives in a packet’.

Keder greenhouses, have a strong belief in a sustainable ways of living. The MD Mr Colin Moore, comes from a background of commercial growers of fruit and vegetables, and to this day can often be found at the bottom of his garden tending to his produce. Our structures are designed with experience of growing.

It is for this reason that

Keder greenhouses are in partnership this year with:

The RHS Campaign for School Gardening

and will be donating a 3 x 6mt Greenhouse to the winning :

School Gardening Team of the Year 2015

Our Greenhouses are designed to have more than adequate headroom for the tallest of teacher. They have sides designed for full utilisation of the indoor space, (no curves to the bases), which could lead to reduced growing capacity. The automatic roof vent system in our 2 and 3mt wide structures allows for air flow at height which reduces damage to crops from low level drafts. It also means the greenhouse can be left over the school holidays without worry that it will get too hot (it must be remembered though that any plants will still need watering)

The product itself is fully recyclable, relatively maintenance free and has a 10 year warranty against light degradation.

Best of all for schools:  IT IS SAFE – Unlike glass it doesn’t shatter.

This truly is a greenhouse that is ideal, as a teaching environment for children. Don’t just take our word for it though, See some of our existing structures and the write ups from schools and teaching environments that are already using Keder greenhouses:

Cosy Greenhouse

Windproof School Greenhouse

Keder Greeenhouse science lab

Improved Teaching environment

A school greenhouse for hands on learning

The Campaign for school Gardening aims to encourage and support schools to develop and actively use a school garden through a host of free teaching resources, rewards and teacher training sessions.

To learn more about the RHS Campaign for School Gardening and register free, visit