Fall in love with your garden this Year

It’s the month of love and all things hearts and flowers. So, here at Keder Greenhouse we want to share our top tips to help you fall in love with your garden again.

The limbo between winter and spring can often leave us feeling a bit flat. Outdoors can be bitterly cold and staying indoors when it’s light and there’s the hint of spring around the corner can leave us feeling irritable.

So, here’s some ideas to help you break free of the limbo between seasons and get back to being a garden enthusiast.

Don’t blame it on the weatherman

First of all, if the bitter weather is putting you off from giving your garden some tender loving care then make sure you invest in appropriate clothing. Don’t let the weather be the only thing that’s stopping you venture outdoors. Aim to wear layers, waterproofs and boots you don’t mind seeing a little mud on.

If you are blaming the weather then this is often a cover for the real reason you’re not venturing outdoors. If you’ve left your garden for the winter months and it’s fallen into disrepair then you might just be shying away from some hard graft.

Get that spark back

Roll up those sleeves and get to work! Your garden won’t fix itself. If the wind has caused havoc then get mending. If the cold snap has created debris then get sweeping.

Before you know it, your garden will start to look salvageable and more appealing than before.

There’s some seeds that can be planted every month so do your homework and find out what plants or produce are ready to be sewed.

Treat your garden to something new

As your love for the garden begins to blossom again why not buy something new for the garden to give it a new dimension.

Investing in a feature, new equipment or landscaping can make your garden look so refreshed you’ll almost feel like it’s a different garden altogether.

We cannot write about making your garden anew again without mentioning our wonderfully industrious Keder Greenhouses.

Our cost effective alternative to the traditional glass greenhouses are long lasting, and more durable than poly tunnels.

We use a unique Kederbahn bubble plastic and rail system and our greenhouses have withstanded the winds of the Outer Hebrides and further afield. Plus, they can withstand the scorching heat in the summer months too.

Make your garden your Valentine

So, are you ready to make your garden your Valentine this month? Stop putting off the hard stuff, get comfortably wrapped up for outdoors and give your garden some tender loving care.

Once you have spruced up the garden from the harsh winter months, consider investing in something new to give it a new lease of life.

You’ll be rewarded with your efforts as the climate changes and the days get lighter. Send us your photos of your garden before and after on social media just search for Keder Greenhouse.