It’s all about the bubbles…

When you are choosing a protected growing environment, there are key factors such as durability, safety, life expectancy, ease of repair, and withstanding our ever-changing weather conditions, that need careful consideration. The bubble cladding on the Keder greenhouse system is the answer to all these critical points.

So, more about the bubbles; Polydress LP-Keder Air Bubble Film is just that, an air-filled bubble centre, with the outer laminate plastic film covering above and below. This is all sealed together with heat, to contain the air in the bubbles within the cladding.

Durability and Safety – The cladding is super strong for load bearing. This is due not only to the material construction, but also because the 2m wide sections are secured over the entire length of the sheet, on both sides, with an interlocking profile system. This ensures an even distribution of weight. This strength also makes the Keder the perfect option for applications where safety is a key consideration. We are happy to have supplied many football-proof greenhouses to schools (and grandparents’ gardens) as well as community and care projects.

Life Expectancy and Repairs – The Keder cladding material has a life expectancy of between 15 – 30 years before any replacement should be needed. With a Keder greenhouse, if repairs are required then, as our sheets are only 2m wide, you only need to repair the panel directly affected, not the whole structure. If you do get small holes in the bubbles, these are easily repaired using a clear silicone sealant.

Weatherproofing – the bubbles provide an insulating effect that retains up to 95% of heat radiation. It has an impressive R-value of 1.7 which can represent significant cost savings. In combination with its profile attachment, the Keder locking mechanism ensures a water and airtight structure that can withstand the most extreme elements and climates. Unlike traditional greenhouses, a Keder can be placed facing whichever direction best suits your plot, due to the bubbles taking in the light and distributing that light evenly throughout the structure. Because the unique design of the greenhouse cover, perfectly diffuses the light, you will not have shady spots or sun scorching, therefore achieving a higher yield of upright crops.

If you would like to know more about what makes Keder different, call 01386 49094 to talk to a member of our team.