A selection of bespoke and off the shelf greenhouse solutions for one of the country’s foremost arboretums.

Batsford Arboretum is home, a unique collection of some of the world’s most beautiful and rare trees, shrubs and bamboos, spread across 60 acres in the stunning North Cotswolds.

If visiting the arboretum inspires you, chances are you will find most of the plants available to buy at Batsford Garden Centre, a haven for garden and plant lovers! Enjoy a delicious breakfast, lunch or coffee at the newly refurbished Garden Terrace Café and catch some retail therapy at the Arboretum Gift Shop. 

Batsford have been working with Keder for a number of years on various projects including a propagation house, main greenhouse, covered outdoor eating area, canopied area for plant sales and even a small greenhouse that houses a child’s sandpit!

Most recently they required a canopied, half open store for their bags of compost, soil improver, gravel and the like. This will keep the bags dry and prevent sun damage.

Stuart Priest, Director of Operations, has been with Batsford for over 30 years. “We can approach Keder with a design or concept and they will always find a bespoke solution that exactly matches our needs” he said. “In all my time here, we have never had a single problem – the original greenhouse was installed nearly 30 years ago and has been moved twice.”

He also points to various advantages, “they have great insulation so we save on heating, and they protect our plants against frost. Most importantly, they are safe. We have a lot of children visiting so glass houses are not an option and polythene rips too easily. Keder solutions offer an ideal combination of safety, longevity, insulation and strength.”