Jon Wheatley, a hardy gardening guru, has given us a moment of his time to chat about horticulture, business and Keder Greenhouses.

“it’s [an] absolutely brilliant concept.”

Jon, known for his work with Royal Horticultural Society – the UK’s leading gardening charity – and BBC Gardener’s World, runs ‘Stonebarn Landscapes’ from home in the Chew Valley, near Bristol, with his family and their team.

Essentially, together, they build gardens.

Not just any old garden. They’ve been creating RHS Gold Medal standard gardens and exhibits for over 10 years. They have over 50 customers and have built over 20 RHS Gold Medal features. The Stonebarn team focus on three key areas: shows, landscaping and maintenance.

With over 50 years’ experience in horticulture, it’s no mean feat to gain a recommendation from Jon. About the Keder greenhouse concept, he says:

“It’s brilliant wherever you put it in the UK because they’re so wind resistant as well. And we had some serious winds here back in the winter!”

Jon explains that when put to the test, and in comparison to glass houses, the advantage of Keder greenhouses is that because of wind damage: “glass can go everywhere. Admittedly, it’s old glass. Polythene went everywhere, but the Keder houses stayed exactly where they were. And they were fine.”

Other advantages, Jon says, is that the Keder Greenhouses are: “cheaper than glass.”

Not only that, but these innovative hot houses are so versatile that they are suitable for so many spaces. Jon is passionate about community gardens, because every community in the UK and every green space in the UK, could have a garden using the Keder concept. Jon states: “we’ve got to get people to actually start growing in communities.” And Keder is a great way to facilitate this.

Keder greenhouses also provide great ventilation to keep things cool in the summer, thanks to heat activated vents in the domestic units and the top-down sides in the larger more commercial units. In addition, the great insulation keeps the cold out in the winter, thanks to the triple layer of cladding. Indeed, the design of the cladding – it’s cellular nature in particular – also allows great dispersal and diffusion of sunlight, which promotes an even cultivation of strong and erect plants, without hot spots disturbing their growth. 

With so many positives, the team at Keder Greenhouses are sure that everyone from gardening enthusiasts to community groups and hardy perennials like Jon will be surprised at how the UK-made Keder ranges will weather all the storms.

Keder, the place to grow, use high quality materials to give the strongest greenhouse available.