We speak to award winning pelargonium grower Brian Boyes about how he became the curator of part of a valuable collection of pelargoniums.

Originally head tractor driver at H A Simpson & Son in Seamer, North Yorkshire, Brian took up growing in earnest as he retired. He started off growing fuchsias and did so successfully until the capsid bug blighted his efforts. A friend and fellow successful pelargonium grower Roger Burnett introduced Brian to pelargoniums. Seeing them grown successfully in the right conditions they soon became a fulfilling pastime for Brian.

It was Roger Burnett who brought the Keder greenhouse to Brian’s attention. Pelargoniums thrived in the conditions that the Keder afforded. So Brian installed his own Keder and is now extending it to increase his capacity.

Such has been Brian’s and Roger’s success that they have won Best Society and Best Overall Stand at the famous Harrogate Autumn Flower Show.

Over the years Brian Boyes has sourced seed from Fibrex in Worcestershire. Fibrex have been famous for their collection or pelargoniums. Such is Brian’s enthusiasm that when it came to Fibrex handing on its pelargonium collections Brian took part of the collection on himself.

Coincidentally not only are Fibrex neighbours of Keder they too have a Keder Greenhouse, which was installed in 2017.

Brian said “I’ve got a glass house which I now only use for propagation. I am extending the Keder because it creates the best growing conditions. Keeping an ideal temperature to grow award winning pelargoniums, where glass would be scorching them. What’s more it’s really sturdy and easy to install.”

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